Vale James Walker

Sadly, James Walker, a long-time resident of Hackett unexpectedly passed away last weekend.

James was an iconic resident of Hackett, not so much for the length of time that he lived here, being 37 years, but more so for his active support and promotion of Hackett. He never tired of telling anyone willing to listen about the pleasures of living in his beloved Hackett and was affectionately referred to by many as the ‘Mayor of Hackett’.

James was also a founding committee member of the Hackett Community Association when it was incorporated in 2003 and remained a committee member until late 2016. For six of those years he was Chair and Deputy Chair of the committee.

James was instrumental in organising what he called the ‘Big Birthday Bashes’ for the 40th and 45th birthdays of the suburb and was heavily involved in the very successful 50th birthday celebration in 2013.

James also had a keen interest in history and kept extensive records of local happenings particularly anything involving Hackett and the Hackett Community Association. Much of this information will form the basis for the 5o Year History of Hackett booklet that will be released soon.

James envisaged the shopping centre as the social hub of the suburb and was saddened to live through its demise in the late 80s but heartened to see its resurgence in the last 10 years. His vision for the shopping centre included a flag pole, a memorial to Sir John Hackett, tables and chairs for the public open spaces and a public toilet. Unfortunately government austerity measures over the years meant that these have not been realised to date.

James was also a regular customer at both Wilbur’s and Siam Twist and kept a supply of his favourite leaf tea at Siam Twist. No tea bags for our James.

Life in Hackett will never be the same. Vale James.

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