Saint Margaret’s and Holy Cross Churches Hackett

St. Margaret’s Uniting Church, together with Holy Cross Anglican Church, are the only remaining congregations from rival denominations in the Australian Capital Territory to continue to share a church, hall and grounds, and on occasions ministers and even services.

Land for the Holy Cross Church was provided by the Department of the Interior on the corner of Antill Street and Phillip Avenue Hackett.

A planning committee was formed in 1964 to consider the development of a church and other buildings on this site. But instead of going it alone a collaborative proposal which saw the local Presbyterian church of St Margaret’s agreeing to a combined building with the Holy Cross Church was accepted.

Construction commenced in early 1967 and the combined Church of the Holy Cross and the Parish Centre of St. Margaret’s were officially dedicated on 17 December 1967.

St Margaret’s Uniting Church

St Margaret’s is a Uniting Church Congregation in Hackett, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

The church is home to Meg’s Toybox, the major toy library for North Canberra, and the Stepping Stones for Life disability support organisation.

The Church was founded in 1964 as a shared congregation of the Presbyterian and Methodist churches in the then newly built North Canberra suburbs of Watson, Dickson, Downer and Hackett. In doing so it predated by over a decade the family of churches it now belongs to, the Uniting Church in Australia, which was formed in 1977 when the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches came together.

Services were initially held in school rooms until the completion and official dedication of the Church building on 16 December 1967.

Holy Cross Anglian church

Philip Bligh has written a book titled, ‘The story of Holy Cross: the first thirty-eight years in the life of a North Canberra Anglian church’ which provides a comprehensive history of Holy Cross Church from its inception in 1963. Copies of this book can be obtained from the National Library of Australia.  Click here to view details of book.

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