Hackett Mr Fluffy homes

The Government’s list of Mr Fluffy homes includes 29 in Hackett as follows:

17 Newton Street27 Rivett Street
4 Skeats Street29 Rivett Street
37 Maitland Street87 Rivett Street
27 Hedley Street98 Rivett Street
29 Hedley StreetUnit 10, 102 Grayson Street
31 Hedley StreetUnit 11, 104 Grayson Street
13 Steele Street67 Mackenzie Street
36 Mills Street6 Brennan Street
25 Madigan Street23 Brennan Street
14 Gilbert Street2 Bragg Street
40 Gilbert Street6 Bragg Street
10 Verco Street7 Bragg Street
35 Harris Street18 Bragg Street
320 Antill Street48 Russell Street
324 Antill Street
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