Connect with your Neighbours

The Australian Government has launched the ‘Connect with your neighbours’ initiative. Part of this initiative is Neighbour Day celebrated each year on the last Sunday in March. If you want to learn more about this initiative click here

Some of the suggested strategies for connecting with your neighbours are:

  •  introducing yourself when you see them at the letterbox or watering the garden
  •  getting to know their pets
  • extending an invitation for a’cuppa’
  • suggesting that you exchange contact information
  • offering to check the mailbox, or putout bins or keep watch on their home when they are away
  • talking to frail or unwell neighbours about whether they would like someone to check on them regularly, especially during extreme heat periods or during storms or wild weather conditions
  • organising a street barbeque or bring-a-plate gathering in your local park so that neighbours can meet each other
  • asking if they have thought about what they might do in an emergency situation, including where they would go if they need to evacuate their home
  • agreeing to check with each other to ensure you have heard emergencywarnings and to share  information
  • being part of Neighbour Day – celebrated each year on the last Sunday in March.
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