Street Parties

The Hackett Community Association encourages local residents to organise street parties to celebrate the namesake person of their street as part of the Canberra 100 celebrations. We also encourage residents to connect with your neighbours and raise a toast in memory of the achievements of your person, maybe ask your neighbour to also add their research on the person your street is named after. If you decide to hold a suburb or street party you could consider inviting a descendant of your famous person to join in your celebration of their ancestor.

Government approval to hold street parties is not necessary if the parties are small in nature and do not extend to substantive infrastructures such as stages being erected on public land or street closures.

The Hackett Community Association is keen to support this initiative and is seeking coordinators for each street in Hackett. We can help you with your research into your street namesake and provide advice on how to organise your street party. Please contact James Walker on 6247-0951 for further information.

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