James (Gentleman Jim) Savoulidis

James Savoulidis

Hackett residents were saddened to learn of the passing of on 20 December 2012. Jim was born in Greece, grew up during the Great Depression and was in 1938 sent to Australia by parents who wanted a better life for him. In 1959 he settled inĀ· Canberra and opened a number of businesses in the city starting with the Mondial Nightclub in East Row. During the ’60s he helped many Greek families who had migrated to Australia to get established. In 1971 he established the Plaka restaurant in Mawson where Gough Whitlam was a regular patron and he taught Gough to dance the Zorba.

We are reliably informed that Jim advised his 3 sons not to go into the food industry as it was too hard. Thank goodness they disregarded his advice and opened Wilbur’s Cafe Bar which has been instrumental in revitalising our shopping centre.

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