Proposal for murals on the Hackett oval change rooms

On the southern end of the Hackett oval are change rooms which have been there since the late 1960s and certainly look a bit outdated.  Their appearance is not helped with the numerous graffiti painted on all sides. But this may all change with the help of the ACT Government and Blue Gum Community School.  The ACT Government has a very active program aimed at reducing the incidence of illegal graffiti across Canberra (see the website One of the key activities is engaging artists to work with the community to paint murals on public spaces such as buildings at sports grounds.

I recently had a very positive meeting with ACT Graffiti Management, Blue Gum Community School and several of their high school students, to discuss the idea of painting murals on this building.  Before any painting is done, Blue Gum will work with an artist to develop a design.  Once a draft design is available, we will circulate it to the Hackett community via Facebook, the HCA website and newsletters, and posters at the Hackett shops and the wall of the building. Subject to the responses received, the murals will proceed.

Chris Mobbs, Chair, HCA

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