Plan for enhancing the Hackett shops precinct

Over the years, the HCA has flagged various proposals for enhancing the Hackett shops precinct e.g. a sign/memorial about Sir John Hackett, clean-up of the gardens, and provision of a table on the grassy area near the bus stop. Rather than going to the ACT Government with each separate proposal, the HCA is compiling a suite of proposals under one plan. We would submit this plan to the relevant ACT Government Minister for consideration and ultimately their endorsement. This approach is more likely to get government support than going to them with individual proposals.

Some of the ideas would be funded by the HCA and others by the ACT Government and could include:

  • artwork in the metal frame in the garden on the east side of IGA. The HCA is in discussion with Blue Gum School about inclusion of some suitable artwork in the frame.
  • map of Hackett and neighbouring Mt Majura and Majura Pines, along with interesting facts about the suburb – key features of the suburb would be shown. Propose to go on wall of Siam Twist near the public telephone.
  • an information sign about Sir John Hackett.
  • a table either in the paved area on east side of IGA, or under the tree near the bus stop.
  • move the three concrete garden beds in paved area to allow use of the chess board (yes the pavers have a chess board design!). The HCA would buy an outdoor chess set.
  • paint a hopscotch pattern in the paved area.
  • provision of additional bike rakes on the south side of the shops.
  • repair broken bricks and repaint walls around gardens in paved area, remove weeds from gardens, plant with new shrubs and add new mulch.

There may be others proposals that could be considered. Please send me an email with your ideas, some costings if possible, and who could do it e.g. volunteers or ACT Government. Or come along to the Red Cross BBQ at the shops on 4 May and discuss your ideas.

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